WGN-TV To Air “Backstory with Larry Potash” Sunday Nights Beginning October 28

WGN-TV To Air “Backstory with Larry Potash” Sunday Nights Beginning October 28

CHICAGO, October 17, 2018 — Chicago’s Very Own WGN-TV is premiering, “BACKSTORY with Larry Potash,” a new series that will run periodically as specials throughout the year.  The first four will run on consecutive Sundays at 8:30pm: October 28; November 4, 11 and 18.  Potash explores the BACKSTORY behind some of the most intriguing tales in history, culture, religion and science from Chicago and beyond. Each show will also stream on WGNTV.com; encores will air late Sundays at 11:30pm on WGN-TV and Mondays at 7pm on CLTV. Check out a sneak peek here: You_Tube , Instagram , Twitter , Facebook

“BACKSTORY with Larry Potash” explores:

  • A Chicago story tied to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.
  • A look inside the home of a unique North Shore man, who houses the most eclectic and creepy mini-museum in the Midwest.
  • The 90th anniversary of a mysterious death in a small Lake County town, connected to mystical beliefs.
  • The spooky backstory of witches… and WGN takes you inside a witch ceremony.
  • A hidden symbol in the Statue of Liberty’s backstory.

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