WGN-TV Chicago Issues Apology

WGN-TV Chicago Issues Apology

WGN-TV today issued an apology from General Manager Greg Easterly and News Director Jennifer Lyons, following an error in the September 22 broadcast of WGN News at Nine:

“Last night we ran a story to recognize Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement.  Regrettably, we failed to recognize that the artwork we chose to accompany the story contained an offensive symbol.  This was an unfortunate mistake.  Ignorance is not an excuse.  We are extremely embarrassed and we deeply apologize to our viewers and to the Jewish community for this mistake.

“We are investigating how this situation occurred, reviewing our in-house policies and making changes in order to avoid such mistakes happening in the future.  Thank you for your understanding. We promise to do better.”


WGN-TV is Chicago’s CW network affiliate, programming news, sports and entertainment. WGN News programs more local news than any other Chicago TV station, and can be seen on WGN-TV, CLTV and WGNTV.com.  WGN 9.2 is Chicago’s home of Tribune Broadcasting’s classic TV network Antenna TV and WGN 9.3 is Chicago’s This TV movie network affiliate. WGN-TV is a Tribune Broadcasting station.  For more information on Chicago’s Very Own WGN-TV, go to WGNTV.com .

Jessica Bellucci
Tribune Broadcasting