WGN-TV Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

WGN-TV Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

CHICAGO, September 10, 2018 – Chicago’s Very Own WGN-TV is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by featuring special stories of interest to Chicago’s Hispanic community on WGN News at Nine.  In addition, Adelante, Chicago is airing every Saturday through October 20 at 6:30am on
WGN-TV and every Sunday through October 21 at 10am on CLTV.

September 21:  Mary Gonzalez Koenig – Mary is the founder of Spanish Coalition for Jobs, now known as NLEI (National Latino Education Institute), and of Latino Council on the Media.  In 1989, former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley appointed Mary to the position of Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Employment and Training.  Mary retired in 2009 but she continues giving back to the community, volunteering at a nursing home in Batavia.

September 26:  Latinos in Tech – Latinos have made their mark in just about every industry.  One of the areas that is beginning to see the Latino influence is the tech industry.  Companies like Facebook and Google are trying to attract more Latinos and there are Chicago incubators that are helping tech startups get off the ground.  The Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is also working to promote Latinos in Tech.

September 28:  Dennis Martir – From Chicago’s Hermosa community, Dennis was raised by a single mom in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago.  He went to Pritzker College Prep and was appointed to West Point by Congressman Luis Gutierrez.  Cadet Martir graduated on August 10, 2018 with a degree in Portuguese from the United States Military Academy.  Dennis will be a second lieutenant in the United States Army and work at Field Artillery at Fort Bliss, Texas.

October 2:  Las Puertas del Paseo Boricua (The Doors of Paseo Boricua) – Located at 2706 W. Division Street in Chicago’s Humboldt Park, this is a project four years in the making that includes sixteen doors decorated by 13 artists from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Ecuador.  The colorful doors celebrate the culture and identity of the artists, while showcasing the different Latin ethnicities that exist in Chicago.

October 12:  JC Rivera – Born in Puerto Rico, JC Rivera is an artist based out of Chicago and known famously for his character “The Bear Champ.”  He’s been illustrating, painting and doing anything and everything art for the past 10 years, having worked as a cartoonist, toy designer and graphic designer.  More recently, his work focuses largely on creating murals and street art.  From Pilsen to the Loop, to Wicker Park, JC is painting the streets of Chicago and around the world.

October 15:  Latinx – This term is seen everywhere on social media.  Where did it come from?  What does it mean?  How is it gaining popularity?

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