WGN-TV Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

WGN-TV Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

September 21, 2017 – Chicago’s Very Own WGN-TV is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by featuring special stories of interest to Chicago’s Hispanic community on WGN News at Nine.  In addition, Adelante, Chicago is airing every Saturday through October 21 at 6:30am on WGN-TV and every Sunday through October 22 at 10am on CLTV.

September 21 – Fleeing Venezuela
You’ve seen the images on TV… chaos in Venezuela.  What does the ongoing political upheaval in that country mean for Chicago?  Nationwide, over 14,700 Venezuelans sought asylum in 2016, up 160% from the year before.  Those numbers are indication that an entire community is popping up in the Chicago area.  She explores why many Venezuelans are coming to Chicago.

September 27 – Rick Renteria
Chicago White Sox manager Rick Renteria is the only Hispanic manager in a sport in which almost a third of its players are Latino.  He is very proud of his Mexican-American heritage.  WGN’s Dan Ponce dives into how Renteria established Club 17 – a community outreach program through White Sox Community Relations that welcomes youth from underserved neighborhoods to enjoy a day at the park.

September 29, 2017 – USHLI
Since 1982, the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) has worked to empower the Latino community by promoting education, leadership development, unity and non-partisan civic participation.  WGN’s Lourdes Duarte discovers some of their accomplishments, which include registering 2.3 million newly registered voters, 425 reports on Latino demographics published in the USHLI Almanac of Latino Politics, and training over 900,000 present and future leaders.  USHLI has awarded over $1.3 million in scholarships and internships.

October 6 – Jeff Abbey Maldonado Sr.
The J-Def Peace Project honors Jeff Abbey Maldonado, Jr., who was a bright and promising Pilsen hip hop artist.  WGN’s Julian Crews reports on how his father, Jeff Sr., helped start the group after his son was murdered.  Jeff Sr. is a talented muralist and runs a youth program that supports young Pilsen artists.
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