2018 Could Be The Year Betting On Pro Football Busts Free Of Nevada’s Borders

2018 Could Be The Year Betting On Pro Football Busts Free Of Nevada’s Borders

With legalized sports betting in New Jersey – and beyond – on the horizon, the 52nd installment of the pro football championship could be the last time fans will have to  travel to Nevada to wager on the game.

Covers.com  analysts offer the broadest insights in the industry, from team stats to prop bets

LAS VEGAS, JANUARY 30, 2018 – With the pro football championship game scheduled for February 4, sports bettors will soon begin their pilgrimage to the Nevada desert to wager on the biggest single game on the sports calendar.

Covers.com, the industry’s foremost expert on sports betting data, has been providing information to sports bettors for more than 20 years and has watched the industry inch out of the shadows and toward legalization. While Covers has a strong audience in Nevada – where sports betting is currently legal – its network of users across the US, demonstrates the demand for nation-wide legalized and regulated sports gaming.

And with a decision pending from the U.S. Supreme Court on New Jersey’s case for sports betting, this could be the last time football fans need to travel to the Silver State to bet on the game.

“The pro football finale is a perfect example of the demand for legal sports betting,” says Covers senior managing editor Jason Logan. “Sports fans know the teams, know the spread, and many have some form of wager riding on the game.”

Added Logan, “That interest and enthusiasm around the odds come through in our site traffic, with 7.6 million football bettors visiting Covers during the season and close to a 1 million coming for insight in the two weeks leading into the championship last year. Seventy percent of those being new users.”

Covers.com’s free contests see an explosion of new participants during football season and Covers Consensus, which calculates the popular picks for games like the football championship, gets a boost in the ramp up to the title game from nearly 700,000 new sports enthusiasts voicing their opinions and picks. It’s exciting to think that this engaged and passionate audience may finally get what they’ve been asking their home states to provide – legal sports betting – by next February.

The ruling from the Supreme Court isn’t expected until June, but with industry analysts projecting a long-fought win for the Garden State, many major stakeholders are strategically getting ahead of the ruling. There are 21 states showing interest in offering sports betting (nearly half already introducing bills with some even working sports betting into their budgets), and William Hill and MGM Resorts have green lit the construction of sportsbooks in New Jersey racetracks and casinos. Even professional sports leagues, like the NBA and MLB, are working with sports gaming lobbyists to insure they will be involved – and compensated – when sports betting is made legal beyond Nevada.

The benefits of legalized nation-wide sports wagering are in the numbers, with Nevada sportsbooks taking in $4.5 billion in gambling handle (total amount of money bet) in 2016, and earning more than $219 million in revenue. Last year’s pro football championship brought in a record-breaking $138.5 million in wagers at Silver State sportsbooks, with casino operators winning $10.93 million from New England’s remarkable comeback against Atlanta. Projections from industry researchers believe that sports betting, if legalized beyond Nevada, could generate over $6 billion in annual revenue by 2023.

As oddsmakers respond to this growing demand and wagering options increase dramatically, Covers expands its analysis, stats and services to provide information for every bet on the board. Last year, Las Vegas sportsbooks posted nearly 600 different ways to bet the football finale, from the coin flip to which player will score the first touchdown to who will win game MVP. That list could crack 1,000 for February 4.

Covers analysts offer the broadest insights in the industry, from team stats to prop bets. Want to know which team is getting surprise action to win it all this year, or who the Las Vegas sharps have their bankrolls riding on? Covers personalities are some of the most connected insiders in the gaming industry, with their fingers on the global pulse of sports betting.


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